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Road Report

March 11, 2018 ROAD REPORT

Mexico Hwy 2 west of Naco/Agua Prieta to Cananea:
The widening to 4 lanes continues with lane closures and minor detours. Some are poorly marked.

Mexico Hwy 15D south from Nogales to Magdalena:
Expect several detours and lane closures. Watch for construction equipment entering/exiting the highway.

The Road East to Cucurpe:
The exit from highway 15D to Son 54 just after the toll booths is closed as the southbound section of the bridge is being rebuilt.  You cannot exit the highway to Cucurpe at this location.  Instead, exit hwy 15D at the Magdalena exit before the toll booths. Take the free road (libre) through Magdalena and turn left just before the clock tower at the south end of town. This takes you to Son 54.  The clock tower is about 3.7 km or 2.3 miles from where you exit 15D.

Sonora Highway 54 from Magdalena – Cucurpe – Sinoquipe:
New pavement has been placed and the road is now easily traveled. The river at Cucurpe is dry. Watch for rocks on the road in the road cuts and gravel kicked up onto the pavement in the curves. The new pavement is now complete to Sinoquipe.  The remaining work is clean up and striping.  Watch for detours and construction equipment.

Coming from Naco or Douglas,
he highway south from Cananea to Bacoachi (Son 089/Son118):  Construction has started closer to Cananea and portions of the road north of Mututicachi.  There are detours onto loosely packed dirt and gravel which may be difficult for motorcycles and cars with low ground clearance.  South of the construction the road is rough with broken pavement and  many potholes.
At this time, the better route from Douglas is to head west from Agua Prieta on Mex Hwy 2 and turn south on Mex Hwy 17.  Continue through Esqueda.  Continue on 17 about 6 miles south of Esqueda.  You will see a sign for Arizpe and a paved intersection.  Turn right towards Bacoachi.  At the intersection of Son 89 turn left and continue 60 miles to Banámichi.  The road from Hwy 17 to Bacoachi has some construction with short sections of packed dirt and gravel and a few short dirt detours. The longest of these in about half a mile as of this report.  The detours are good packed dirt and gravel.  Portions of the road are being chip sealed and there is some areas of loose gravel on the road.  Motorcyclists take heed.  All in all a better alternative than Hwy 89 south of Cananea plus there is very little traffic on this road and the views are great.    You may encounter truck traffic on Mex 17.  If you would like to take this route from Naco then turn left on Mex Hwy 2 at the Naco road and drive about 22 miles to the intersection of Mex Hwy 17 and turn right (south) at the sign marked Nacozari  and Moctezuma.

South of Bacoachi to Banámichi the road has been repaved and is very good.

The dry winter weather pattern continues so there will be less water flowing at the vados. Do be careful crossing the Rio Bacanuchi at Arizpe as there is extremely slick algae on the road surface below the water.  Motorcyclists should take extra care at this crossing.

Other roads in the area:
Mexico 14 south from Mazocahui to Hermosillo is in good shape.  Watch for rocks in the road cut areas.
Mexico 14 from Mazocahui to Moctezuma is in good condition as well.
Mex 16 from Hermosillo west to Yecora to Basaseachi is generally good with some areas needing repairs.  No report east of Basaseachi at this time.
Son 20 from Hermosillo to Sahuaripa is newly paved this past year
Son 117 south from Moctezuma to Sahuaripa is good
Son 117 south of Sahuaripa to San Nicolas (at Mex 16) has been recently repaved

This report is published as a courtesy to our guests and was believed accurate on the date published.  Road conditions can change rapidly due to weather and all other factors.  It is your responsibility to know the limits of your ability and those of your vehicle.  You are responsible for assessing road conditions and driving in a safe manner.   Road work, animals, pedestrians,  farm equipment and other stopped vehicles may be encountered at any time.  As always, please drive/ride with care.

Call us at 520-333-2655 for updates on this and any other routes.  Hasta Pronto!

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