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Hotel Los Arcos de Sonora welcomes your pets. Please read our pet policy below.

Los Arcos de Sonora  Pet Policy

–         Small pets only – generally under 25lbs

–         Guide/Service dogs are always welcome

–         Exotic animals such as snakes and other non-traditional pets are not permitted.

Guests will need to sign the following pet waiver at check in.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Pet Waiver Form

Guest Name: ___________________________________Room #:___________

Pet Name & Description: ____________________________________________

Emergency Cell Phone # (Required): ___________________________

Please read and INITIAL by EACH of the following:


As a responsible pet owner, I agree to accept full financial responsibility for any and all damages and/or unusual degree of soiling caused by my pet during my stay at the hotel.


I acknowledge that while my pet is in a public area of the hotel, my pet must be leashed or otherwise restrained.


I understand that pets are not allowed in the coffee shop or the dining room


I acknowledge that my pet, if left alone in the room, will be in its pet carrier/crate


I also acknowledge that if my pet is not crated or in a carrier and is alone during housekeeping service, I will not receive service for the day.


I acknowledge that I will walk my pet to relieve it and clean up any refuse produced by my pet


I acknowledge that barking, biting, and other harmful and nuisance behaviors are a problem that I must remedy immediately.

Guest Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________

Staff Signature: _______________________________________ Date:_______________


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Hotel Los Arcos
38 Calle Obregon

Banamichi Sonora, 84880
USA 303-838-6505
Tucson 520-333-2655
Mexico 623-231-0289

GPS Coordinates
N  30o00.382' /
W 110o12.980' /
El. 2,192 feet
668 meters