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Annual Banámichi Motorcycle Meet-Up


Hotel Los Arcos Trip Advisor Certificate6th Annual Banámichi Motorcycle Meet-up
November 4, 5, and 6, 2022.  

Past Meet-Ups have been a great success with more riders and more donations of school supplies, good music and laughter. And food, lots of food. Really good food.



About Banamichi

Banamichi (Ba-NAH-meechi)  is a good kick off point for Copper Canyon and points south and also for the ferries to Baja from Guaymas, Topolobampo or Mazatlan. We are located between north-south routes Mex 15 and Mex 17 and east-west routes Mex 2 and 16 and 120 miles south of Bisbee, AZ.  Here is the map.


There are about 50 hotels rooms in town, Los Arcos has the 11 best with secure parking and a swimming pool. You get to choose your lodging for this event. We can help with other hotels but those reservations are your responsibility. Tent camping (limited) is available.


This is an informal gathering. There are no fees, you pay for your rooms, your food and what ever else.  Filling our hotel rooms and restaurant is great but that’s not why we do this. It’s about introducing more riders to the Rio Sonora, to Mexico and meet people you may only know online and meet some new friends too. 

Highlights of the meet-ups are the tour of the Bacanora still, great food,  the Folkloricos amazing dance performance and the camaraderie, guitar playing and singing.
This year we will be looking to get some vendor swag for give-aways.  More on this later.
We have some fun day rides mapped out for you too.
Click to Book Now  or call!  If you are booking in other hotels please contact us as well so we know who is coming.

Support Our School Kids

What we do ask of you is that you bring school supplies for the elementary school in La Mora, just a few kilometers south of Banámichi.  Pens, number 2 pencils, glue sticks, white erasers, and spiral-bound notebooks – and any and all school stuff  that will fit on your bike. The 2018 haul  is shown on the right and last year was even better- pretty impressive.  Thanks to all.

We will also be selling Banâmichi stickers.   In past years sticker sales paid for a new printer for the school and repairs to the buildings.


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